Clear Choice

Until recently, there has been little that could be done about the need for bifocals or reading glasses.  Eventually, everyone needs bifocals.  It is a normal process of aging as the natural lens inside our eyes becomes stiff.  Most people begin using bifocals in their early 40s and continue for the rest of their lives.

Now, Northeast Wisconsin Vision Center offers “Clear Choice”.  Clear Choice gives people back their ability to focus far and near without any glasses at all.  We utilize the most modern lenses on the market including the PanOptix lens and Vivity lens.  With these implants, even people in their 90s have been able to see 20/20 and read the newspaper without glasses.  Studies show that 80% of those with implants do not wear glasses for anything, at any time.

The implants can be placed alone or in conjunction with cataract surgery.  They can correct all forms of nearsightedness and farsightedness.   Because they do not correct for astigmatism, the Clear Choice plan also includes any additional procedures that might be needed to eliminate your need for glasses.

Ask Dr. Merfeld or Dr. Larson or Dr. Raven how Clear Choice could benefit you.