Dr. Payant

Dr. Paul H. Payant graduated from the Michigan College of Optometry in 2016 in Big Rapids, Michigan. As part of his optometric education, Dr. Payant trained at the Ralph Johnson V.A. Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina as well as the Heart of the City Health Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Payant is a primary care optometrist with an interest in specialty contact lenses and medical optometry.

Understanding the importance of serving the community, Dr. Payant helped give free eye exams and glasses to athletes participating in the Special Olympics. As a part of Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity, Dr. Payant was part of a team that wrote and dispensed hundreds of glasses prescriptions to those in need in Mexico.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Dr. Payant is originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin, and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Payant lives in the Oshkosh area with his wife and son, and enjoys spending time fishing, hiking, and biking.