Closeup of an Eye With Pteryguim

A pterygium is scar tissue of the conjunctiva which can grow onto the cornea causing both irritation and decreased vision. It is most commonly from ultraviolet light and wind and is more common closer to the equator. Even in Wisconsin, however, people can be affected by pterygia and sometimes need to have them excised.

Dr. Larson and Dr. Raven are cornea specialists and have special training in the removal of pterygia. The challenge of the surgery is that the pterygium is prone to come back since it is scar tissue. Several steps can be employed during the procedure to minimize the risk of recurrence. These include using an amniotic membrane transplant and mitomycin.

During the procedure, the eye is numbed to prevent any pain. The pterygium is removed and then tissue is placed where the pterygium was to prevent the recurrence.

If you have a pterygium and it is either large enough to cover the eye or causes frequent eye irritation, Dr. Larson or Dr. Raven would be happy to discuss your options.